WCO - Calisthenics Foundations
and Theory Workshop 

General Info:

Course length (8) hrs. total. 6 hrs of practical movement/education - 1 hr Lunch and (2) 30 min breaks throughout the day.


The WCO Calisthenics Foundations Course takes physical and mental development as a key focus. Body-weight training has always generates massive power, coordination and balance. Over time, it strengthens joint tissue and skeletal muscle while promoting a balanced physique. Learn about our practical and highly effective training methodology that will change the way you look at calisthenics. The fundamentals of mastering your own body-weight starts here!


** upon registering online you will be able to download the following Documents in PDF to review and study prior to attending workshop:

(1) Intro to Calisthenics Course Theory manual  and (1) WCO Calisthenics Foundations manual in PDF.


Course Content:

  • Calisthenics Course Theory & Application Manual ( to review and study prior to workshop and future reference guide)

> Goal Setting, Types of Muscles, Types of Joints, CNS, Exercise Types and more

  • Calisthenics Foundations Manual

  • Understanding planes of motion

  • Stretches & Warm Ups

  • Horizontal Push and Pull movements

  • Vertical Push and Pull Movements

  • Understanding the Squat

  • Intro to Skills – Skin the Cat and the Dragon Flag



WCO Workshops provide coaches, trainers and enthusiasts with the skill and understanding necessary to excel at bodyweight training. Our courses will add a greater depth of knowledge to your arsenal. Learn training theory and apply concepts in real time in these practical Workshops, where you will not sit around and read a study book, you WILL be physically challenged by practical application of all moves you will be learning. Enthusiasts can use these tools to get into amazing shape while having fun. Fitness Professionals can define a niche for themselves as calisthenic instructors in one of the fasted growing fitness trends in the industry. Incorporate Calisthenics into your coaching practice for improved results with your clients, students, athletes, and patients. This course is built around a movement-based system that is scalable to any level of client, or type of training environment.


This is an Educational Course where each individual will receive a Certificate of Completion. The WCO will be considering applying for NASM, ACE and REPS CEU’s. 


*** $25.00 from each registration will be donated to the Health Bank DAO to help build calisthenics parks around the world in low income neighborhoods to create community through physical fitness. Giving back to the world through movement and education.