WCO Elite Coaches
Andrew Jarvis aka @muscle_up_jarvis - WCO Elite Coach (SS-EC) NASM CPT & PES

Chris "Tatted Strength" Luera -  WCO Elite Coach ( SS-EC)

Elite Bar Athlete with a glorious beard. He is a Three time, and defending Battle of the Bars(r) Middle Weight Champion, and a World Calisthenics Organization Elite Coach. Tatted Strength is based out of San Pedro, but Venice, Muscle Beach is his kingdom. Chris has led multiple International workshops from London to Guatemala all the way to Dubai. Learning the WCO StreetSport Calisthenics Method from one of the top athletes and Coaches in the industry will be an invaluable tool in your Kit! If you are interested in hosting a StreetSport Calisthenics workshop, click HERE

Melanie Driessen - WCO Elite Coach (SS-EC) Calisthenics World Champion

Born  and raised in the Netherlands.

I've always been into sports. When I was 4 I started to go to the gym. At the age of 7, I changed to competitive gymnastics. I did that for 11 years. After that I did 2 years fitness, but that was a bit boring for me. I always wanted a challenge with my sports. I heard that there was a Calisthenics class in the gym I trained at so i tried it out. They told me it was a training with high reps of excersises like pull ups & push ups. I did that for like 6 months and than I met the freestyle side of the sport, which is close to gymnastics. I fell in love with the sport because it had so many new challenges for me. A lot of moves I never knew about and using my strength on a totally different way than with gymnastics. After a month of training freestyle I joined the very first World Championships of Calisthenics. I placed 5th. 1 year later I placed 4th and the year after in 2016 I won the competition. I got the chance to be an Elite Coach for the WCO and I am very grateful for that. WCO is an amazing organization which put a lot of effort in the sport and the battle of the bars(r) competitions. If you are interested in hosting a StreetSport Calisthenics workshop, click HERE

Justin Garcia aka @justinshape  - WCO Elite Coach (SS-EC) USAG Certified Coach

 I grew up in a house full of manly men, football quarter backs and baseball pitchers, mechanics and musicians. I grew up playing the violin, tennis in high school and dancing and singing.

I wasn't built for this. I was 5 feet tall 100 lbs on a good day, not your typical athlete build. I was a scholar, graduated high school at 16 was offered to graduate at 14 but I passed on that. After a few years out of highschool I challenged myself to be what everyone thought I couldn't be, an Athlete. I trained hard and in a years time, put on 35 lbs. Everyone doubted me except my grandma, she supported me through it all and sadly 5 days after I met my team my grandma passed away from cancer. I knew I had to do this for her because she was still watching. I've been doing this since dec 26 2016 and at 24 years old, I am competing internationally while also training others and helping them find that we all have the potential to redesign what society says we can build of ourselves.


Justin is Based at the WCO official headquarters in Dubai, Gravity Calisthenics Gym  as a lead Coach

  • Johnny Garcia  aka @jbaylife- WCO Elite Coach 

  • Certifications:  NASM  CPT CES / TRX / CPR / Kettle Bell / Les Mills Coach 

  • BAYLIFE Athletics owner since 2013

  • San Leandro High School Performance Coach

  • Battle of the Bars 16 Champion - 5x Battle of the Bars competitor

  • BSN All American Kicker 


Pavel “Olis” Oliva @oliva_pavel WCO Elite Coach (SS-EC) - Prague, Czech Republic

Sport is my life, and when I studied medicine and pre-hospital care as a paramedic - I started fighting for good condition and health in all rescue units types. Every Fireguard, Paramedic and Policeman should look after his or her lifestyle and physical condition. My calisthenic journey starts when I was a Paramedic in Fireguard rescue unit - I was in charge of physical and condition preparation and look after heathy lifestyle and workout of the unit members. Cali and SW was and is a great training type for unit training! In one of my shift I was injured - vertebral disk herniation - after surgery and rehabilitation I started with combination of sport medicine and calisthenics training. I want to help my colleagues with same diagnosis, and work on prevention program too. So we established ERS Workout - biggest centre of sport medicine, calisthenics and street workout in middle Europe. Our target is to teach people how to move properly and if they need, help them with physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Nowadays, our clients are not only rescue units, but usual civilians - fighting with civilization deceases. Love to share my experiences and help people to have a healthy life and body.

David Rejl  @davidrejl.wco - WCO Elite Coach (SS-EC) Prague , Czech Republic








2008 – Certificate: MASSEURS (regeneration and sports massage)

2015 – Certificate: FITNESS INSTRUCTOR



2017 – Certificate: World Calisthenics Organization ELITE COACH

2015 – Certificate: Kinesio Taping I.

2015 – Certificate: Kinesio Taping II.

2015 – Certificate: Kinesio Taping – correction

2016 – Certificate: Stretching in bodywork practice 

2016 – Certificate: Trigger points

2016 – Certificate: Dorn method and Breuss Massage

2017 – Certificate: StreetSport WCO level 1 (World Calisthenics Organization, San Diego) 2017 – Certificate: StreetSport WCO level 2 (World Calisthenics Organization, San Diego) 2017 – Certificate: Chinese Tui Na Massage, Healthy Back
2017 – Certificate: Chinese Tui Na Massage, Healthy organs and joints
2017 – Certificate: Cupping Gua Sha