The BPMethod is a highly structured and detailed calisthenics training program that has been developed over the last 3 years and PROVEN to work! With over 700 students  trained in our hands on program at our partner gym Calistbarzz in Guatemala.

The BPMethod is a strength levels based, colored tier system for all ages and fitness levels from beginner to advanced.  With 3 structured movement tables and 11 total levels from White to Red. PUSH Tables, PULL Tables,  ABS (Core) and SKILLS Tables. Each Table has 10 movement categories and 9 exercises in each category including regressions, progressions and modifications. 

**** This exclusive 12 week program is designed for the Intermediate to Advanced calisthenics practitioner. With a focus on Anatomical Adaptations, Body and Connections Building and Power Output.


* You will get Full access to Tutorial videos showing all of the of BPMethod Table of Movements

** PFD downloads of all 3 phases (12 weeks) of routines (60 different BPMethod Routines)

*** PDF Download of the Exclusive BPMethod Tables and Test


It is very important to understand that a training program without a focus on progressive overload, will not take you to the next level. The body needs continuous stress input to keep growing and adapting. If your training program is not taking into consideration the overload principle into training sessions you could be doing it wrong. Gaining skills and strength is all about safely forcing your body to adapt until it becomes capable of performing such drills/skills.


There are many ways to create an overload in the periodization scheme and the optimal way of doing it will depend on your goals and training phase. The main ways of making the program more challenging can be done by modifying the variables such as workout volume, workout intensity and resting times. Always with the objective of safely forcing the body to adapt under stress. Always bear in mind that the body has a limited recovery capacity and every athlete responds differently. 


Once you understand the variables that are being modified for the program to be effective overtime, you need to be real with yourself and plan ahead of your workouts how you will cope with the requisites established for each phase and each routine. Have in mind that training at 90 - 100% all the time is not realistic and will not bring the results you expect for destroying your body session after session. It’s about creating your body through smart overload to allow for optimal recovery before putting it under stress and tension again. 

The BPM CYCLE functions in 3 phases. 


    1.  Anatomical Adaptations (*AA) This phase is about creating capability and adaptation into *higher workloads and *lower intensity routines/workouts. The priority during this first phase is to increase the volume of your routines/workouts, making it comfortable for your body to keep performing even with tons of reps. Think about driving a truck on a nice paved highway gaining speed with ease, going faster and faster ( **doing higher and higher workloads) still the road is paved and easy to drive on. ​

    2.  Body and Connections Building (*BCB)  This phase is about creating capability and adapting into *higher intensity and *moderate workload routines/workouts. Going from paved road to off-road. The priority during the second phase is increasing the intensity of your workouts, making it more comfortable for your body ( aka The Truck ) to keep performing even when exposed to higher intensity exercises. Think about the truck, you're in control, it functions great at a high speed handles well off-road and has tons of inertia coming into The Mud Zone


****The Mud Zone is a metaphor for this aspect of *BCB , keep in mind, the Truck has already been on the paved highway and off-road and is working optimally. Now you are confident and safe to enter an area of challenging conditions, where more distance you travel the terrain is going to get more difficult to keep pushing through. This means you will need to start maneuvering and controlling the Truck in a special way to get out of the mud zone. (**start understanding and working your neurological capabilities such as neuro-muscular connections, muscle synchronicity and intensity tolerance). Once you come out of the mud zone you will have acquired driving skills, knowledge, practice and experience that will have you prepared to go up the final hill.


    3.  Power Output (*PO)  This  3rd and final phase is about enjoying the adaptations you have created in your body. The priority during this phase is to increase the *PO in your training sessions to perform higher level skills, your body now has tons of strength and preparation for you to exert *high intensity and *high level elements into your routine/workouts. Let go back to the Truck, you have overcome 2 phases. The first phase in *AA you realized your truck is working optimally and you tested it through the easy road. The second phase  *BCB forced you to adapt to the situation you were in and learned how to maneuver the truck in order to go through the challenging mud zone. Now the third and final phase is the Power Output hill climb. You are ready to put your all into this climb, push as high as you can and reach a new level!


Take away: Focus on continually growing through each phase, knowing you are being prepared for something much more challenging that is coming your way. Don’t rush up the hill before preparing your truck or learning how to drive it. Always bear in mind that once you tested yourself and completed your  uphill climb there are tons of things you can keep learning and skills you can continue to build on to reach a higher mark (Higher BPM Level), so starting all over again and modifying your routines based on your NEW Level will take you higher each and every time.

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BPMethod Int/Adv

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Intermediate/Advanced 12 week,

Calisthenics Program