Athlete Requirements


1. All competing athletes are in good physical condition to compete in a high level of athleticism.
2. All athletes must have a valid health-insurance.
3. Athlete/s acknowledge that she/he is aware of the risks involved in competing at a high level and takes full responsibility for any and all injuries that may occur before, during and after the competition.

4. All athletes must be legally allowed to travel to the country the event takes place. If a visa is needed, it must be obtained until the registration is submitted.
5. All athletes are aware that the travel-costs are not be covered by the organizers.
6. All athletes must have basic English language skills

7. All Athletes MUST Arrive 1 day prior to competition date.

8. All Athletes MUST prove travel visa's are confirmed and that travel arrangements have been made. 

9. All athletes must book their own travel and  accommodations. (** Organizers will supply address to event location)

10. All athletes MUST have a mouthguard to compete. If you do not have one, organizers will supply an official mouthguard)

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