Athlete Requirements


1. All competing athletes are in good physical condition to compete in a high level of athleticism.
2. All athletes must have a valid health-insurance.
3. Athlete/s acknowledge that she/he is aware of the risks involved in competing at a high level and takes full responsibility for any and all injuries that may occur before, during and after the competition.

4. All athletes must be legally allowed to travel to the country the event takes place. If a visa is needed, it must be obtained until the registration is submitted.
5. All athletes are aware that the travel-costs are not be covered by the organizers.
6. All athletes must have basic English language skills

7. All Athletes MUST Arrive 1 day prior to competition date.

8. All Athletes MUST prove travel visa's are confirmed and that travel arrangements have been made. 

9. All athletes must book their own travel and  accommodations. (** Organizers will supply address to event location)

10. All athletes MUST have a mouthguard to compete. If you do not have one, organizers will supply an official mouthguard)



The WCO is known far and wide for it's most anticipated event, Battle of the Bars(r). Created by Athletes for Athletes, BOTB is the first legitimate calisthenics event of it's kind, with athletes going head to head in a freestyle bodyweight competition. WCO is the First to Market and have successful proof of concept, with the 1 on 1 Battle Style competition that includes the 3 minute rounds system, weight categories, 10 point must system and Scoring Criteria make this event organized, exciting and easy to follow.  


Battle of the Bars has been embraced internationally, with WCO competitions being held in the largest cities in the world. Los Angeles, Chicago, San Jose, Mexico City, Brazil, Dubai and Kuwait are just some of the places that have hosted Battle of the Bars. With over 8 Battles being held in 2015 alone, the event has experienced substantial growth in a short duration of time. 

With cash prizes, sponsorship opportunities and bragging rights, competitors are highly motivated and ready to put it all on the line. 


 Battle of the Bars draws impressive crowds and is seen as a highlight of the convention circuit, providing what is  best described as "edge of your seat" action.  The event is as engaging as it is entertaining, allowing the audience to participate in contests during intermissions and become part of the show.




  •  Each Battle will be a 1 on 1 competition in the various weight classes. Unless Battle is a Catch weight. 

  •  (3) 5 minute rounds with a 1 minute 30 second  rest period between rounds. 

  • Each Athlete will battle back and forth for 5 minutes. 

  • Mouth-guards MUST be worn at all times when in action. IF athlete spits out mouth-guard  they will receive 1 warning and MUST put mouth-guard back in. If Athlete SPITS out Mouth-guard a second time while in action, he/she will be Immediately DISQUALIFIED! 

  • Proper shoes MUST be worn at ALL times during Competition 

  •  (3) neutral Judges

  •  10 point must system- Winner of each round will be given 10 points, 9 points or less to opponent

  •  Each opponent will have the opportunity to be both on offense and defense

  •  Offense- is the act of performing a set of moves to show up your opponent; which then must be replicated or topped by opponent ( defense )

  •  Defense- replicating the opponent’s offensive move and then performing an Attack or offensive move of a higher level of difficulty.

  •  Each time Athlete must use complete time of each 30 second set. Failing to use your full 30 second time will result in lower score.**example is burning the first 10 seconds or last 10 seconds of your set , getting chalk, walking to another bar, etc...

  •  TKO is when the strength/endurance of one of the athletes is drained and they cannot perform at the same level as opponent. This will be considered a Knock Out and a WCO Executive Official will step in and end the Battle.

  •  Respect at all times between opponents or you will be disqualified

  •  No Foul Language, rude acts or Rude hand gestures will be tolerated - this will result in a disqualification.

  •  Corner man / Coach to maintain himself and Athletes in a professional manner at all times.

  • All competing Athletes are required to wear a Mouth Guard during competition - If athlete does not have mouth guard at time of competition WCO will provide a boil and mold Mouth guard. 

  • Athletes to wear Authorized Competition gear ONLY during competition time. Shirt may be removed once competition starts. Athlete may not wear at any time during the competition another other sponsor related item or  use logos unless specifically authorized by the WCO or its agents. Prior to said competition. to get a " use authorization" for athlete sponsor, please email and in the subject line put * Advanced Athlete sponsor authorization. Please also state who the sponsor is, and what industry. for example health food, energy drink, clothing/sportswear fitness product etc.... If your request is approved you will be notified by email. The WCO may require you to supply sponsor contact info so that we may contact the sponsor directly  for confirmation of athlete and to advise sponsor of requirements/regulations and agreements.

 Insurance Regulation:



       WEIGHT CLASSES- *** 1 vs 1 Battles ONLY

Weight Categories                                                       Upper weight limit ​

  • Flyweight                                                                                  124 lbs  (55 kg)

  • Featherweight                                                                          135 lbs  (60 kg )

  • Lightweight                                                                               145 lbs  (65 kg )

  • Super Lightweight                                                                    155 lbs  (69 kg)

  • Welterweight                                                                            165 lbs  (74 kg)

  • Middleweight                                                                            175 lbs  (78 kg)

  • Super Middleweight                                                                  185 lbs  (83 kg)

  • Light Heavyweight                                                                    195 lbs  (87 kg)

  • Heavyweight                                                                             215 lbs  (97 kg)

  • *********

  • Athlete MUST weigh in no more or less than 1.5 lbs above or below weight class category for selected 1 vs 1 battle. If Athlete does not make weight, he will relinquish 20% of his winnings to opponent. win or lose.


JUDGING CRITERIA- 1 vs 1 and Tournaments

1.    Strength: ability to perform strength moves, such as static holds, added weight, etc.
2.    Dynamics: ability to perform power moves, such as 360s -540's , gingers, and other rotations
3.    Endurance: ability to sustain tension and activity for long periods of time
4.    Control: ability to maintain balance, smooth transitions, etc.
5.    Technique: ability to execute movements with proper anatomical alignment
6.    Creativity: ability to bring new movements or sequences to competition

7.    Combinations and flow



  •  8 man single elimination competition.

  •  Open weight class

  • Mouth-guards MUST be worn at all times when in action. If athlete spits out mouth-guard  they will receive 1 warning and MUST put mouth-guard back in. If Athlete SPITS out Mouth-guard a second time while in action, he/she will be Immediately DISQUALIFIED! 

  • Proper shoes MUST be worn at ALL times during Competition- ZERO Exceptions 

  •  (1) 5 minute round per Bracket each athlete gets as many touches on the bar as available ( winner of each round advances to next bracket to battle) 

  •  ****In the event of a Tie, there will be (1) 2 minute Round to determine winner.

  •  There will be only be crown a single tournament champion

  •  (3) neutral Judges

  •  Respect at all times between opponents or you will be disqualified

  •  No Foul Language or rude acts or Rude hand gestures will be tolerated

  •  Corner man /Coach to maintain himself and Athletes in a professional manner at all times.

  • ****Tournament Champion will be guaranteed a spot in a 1 on 1 Battle of the Bars Event.


Think you have what it takes? Send us your information now!


Requirements To Compete

Must be able to perform high level Calisthenics/Street workout moves. Examples: Strict Muscle up, Dead Hang MU, Back Lever, Front Lever, Human flag, 360 MU,Geinger,Combos, Transfers etc.. ( *all Static Holds must be held clean for a minimum of 3 seconds) Swing 360, Switchblade, Strict Hand Stand Press, Strict Full or Solid Straddle Planche, Pbar Flow,  Strong Floor Game. 


Steps To Follow:

  • Fill in all information below

  • Submit all of the necessary information in the form below.

  • By filling out the below information does not guarantee you a position to compete. 

  • email your submission video to - after submitting this form


           *Athletes will be notified via email if approved to compete.

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